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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

London Burlesque Games 2012

I joined in on the fun this weekend and was part of the London Burlesque Games, the British Female Crown.

It was quite an unusual show to be a part of as it was a competition, and I have never been in a competition and i'll be honest, I didn't particularly like that aspect of it, it made me feel incredibly nervous and a really strange sensation knowing that I was being judged.

But bah, got over it once I started my act, however the stage was a little slippy and this hindered my pointe work, so I wasn't as steady on my feet and felt a little restricted on my movements.

I performed my Forgotten Ballerina, I know I have done this act for a long time and I probably should have done something newer, but I did it because I thought it would be something I know and would enjoy, it went down really well the week earlier at Torture Garden and with the fire I thought would express my style the best.

... fire breather Billie Rae indulges in poise and elegance as a clockwork music box ballerina

C.J Lazeratti
full review find here...

I had a great time backstage with some of my favourite ladies. Suri Sumatra, who performed a film noir femme fatale act, I didn't see it but her pics look great.
Fifi Fatale, reeow, what a vamp! Bettsie Bon Bon, (third runner up) and of coarse the lovely Chi Chi revolver, one of my best chums, she kept me very entertained on the train home too.

The winner of the Female Crown was Eliza Delite, who performed a Virgin Mary Pierre et Gilles inspired act and the second runner up was Venus Noir, she performed a wicked spider routine with some ingenious costume removals and some unusual props.

You can find my video here from the show...

Now, my next show as part of a Festival is Australia!! x

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  1. really impress with Female Crown was Eliza Delite, who performed. this is seem to be outstanding performance.

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