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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Milk Cow Calender 2011

Milk Cow Vintage Magazine have used one my images that was taken with Yvette Bessels in Birmingham's Electric Cinema, an original art deco building, it actually used to be a cinema orignally for porn films, which one of the very nice staff members showed me the collection of all the old porn reels, there were hundreds!
We did the shoot with Melysa Fay, she organised the whole thing. We only had a limited amount of time and so got some great images for the time we had.

Milk Cow magazine used one of the shots we had taken for there 2011 Pin up Calander which came as a massive surprise as I had no idea! It wasn't until Fifi Fatale (Miss September) mentioned it. She looks incredibley sultry and utterly divine!
My mother is also in a calander for 2011, my brothers best friend Joel passed earlier this year and the money raised is all going to the hospice which looked after him so well. So if you would like to buy it to donate and see my mamma, she's the lady in the middle with the tea pot, the Rosie tea Tent is her little shop.

Monday, 22 November 2010


 In a  sleep talking ramble I relayed this joke to my Gruff, 'Why are there no hamsters in Amsterdam?' punchline was...'because the parrots ate them all'


Anyways moving swiftly on...

Amsterdam! After a 10 hour coach, YES coach, I thought for £30 return I couldn't complain, Yes Yes I could, and I did, phwoar did my petit derrier ache after that, also my 6ft 2 Gruff was not built for coach seats. But after all that it did make the arrival ever more magical.

We stayed with some friends in their apartment on the canal from Dam square and just next the red light district. It couldn't have been more homey, we had some great poker nights and played an addictive game called 'little big planet' whilst in a hedonistic haze of good food and red wine!

Gruff and I took to the streets every day and enjoyed Amsterdam to the point where it is one of our places we could consider moving one day.

We had intended to go to the Opening Gala and I was going to walk the reed carpet etc, but we decided that we would see Fridays show instead and spend the night in.

Friday night 'The twisted Cabaret' was great fun, I much prefer the variety of a cabaret night and the acts were so varied! giant vaginas, glass walking, pregnant puppets and firey bull whips, arielists and silks. It was very pleasing, also the bar prices weren't to shabby.

Saturdays show was made all the more possible by Xarah who leant me some fuel, she and her partner we met in Paris and they are a great pair, Xarah performed a brilliant act with a candlelabrier on her head, it looked amazing!

My act however did not go so well, the day had been long and stressful and my (now full blown lurgy) was on its way in creeping into my bones, so I was feeling a bit groggy, the changing room was quite dark and crampy and then...then...I was lacking quite a large part of my acts prop on stage. Which lead to probably quite a funny to watch image of me scouting around the stage for 30 secs looking for it, whilst trying very hard to look like i knew what I was doing, I then got my corset stuck and just felt like the whole thing looked a bit rubbish.  Oh well.

There were some really great acts tho so the audience were able to have me as a distant memory...Armitage Shanks was the Compere and what a great singer!?
I got to see Missy Fatale again from Volupte, she did a Josephine Baker tribute which I thoroughly enjoyed. She's lovely. The Dolls of doom a duo from Chicago were probably my favourite act of the Festival. They were brilliant! tho Lou lou Dvils live band act did make me turn a little bit gay for a while, she was incredibly sexy.

The night ended with a bang as the DJ Mr. Chaz Royal set up the after show party, lots of very nice looking ladies and gents all mingling together, but feeling rather lurgified and a bit down after my performance I made it an early one and slipped away to grab a Mc Donalds and an earlyish night, naughty but so goood.

We went home and played little big planet...x

Volupte - The swinging Burlesque Boudior

What a great night, four shows in one night was quite hard work but the crowd were great and so was the lovely Missy Fatale, Ruby Deshabelle and Christian Lee, also the seductive and very lovely Whiskey the stage Kitten.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Tigz Rice, a very talented photographer who got some brilliant shots of the night, also informed me that at London Burlesque week I had been the culprit of the glitter stuck in her lens. Sorry Tigz it really does get everywhere!!

Signing the wall of names was a great as all the ladies I know and have worked with and hope to work with soon were up there, my little Billie Rae i'm sure will go un noticed asside the lipstick kisses and foot high signatures.

It got a good revue on
Billie Rae aptly extended the vintage theme adding a touch of sideshow nostalgia with a provocative flaming baton dance, displaying an impressive command of the element – the Brighton belle deftly puts it out and lights it up again, rubs it all over her body and breathes repeated fireballs over a mesmerized audience.

I say...why thank you!


Paris Burlesque Festival was one of the friendliest events I have ever had the pleasure to work at, Calamity Gin, Juliette Dragon and the rest of the gang were incredible! Both to all the performers and on stage. I also got to work with some amazing performers from around the globe, Philly Cara mel, Lou Lou Dvil, Adore Derrier, Kitten Deville, Brooklyn Baby Doll to name a few and UK beauties Khandie Khisses and Dark Teaser were also there with Starla Haze representing old blighty. I think we did a good job.

Eric Bouvet a french photographer who was taking photoes for his exhibition, was set up in the changing room/floor it was a great set up in the studio and was very interesting as he was using a camera that used the traditional plate method, you only get one chance, kind of like a poleroid. He had to take a few as I kept making it over expose with my pastie white flesh...

I also worked with a wonderfully modest and talented photographer Justine Maillard,  we did a shoot on the bridge Pont Neuf ( the one with all the padlocks on it ) It was smack bam in the middle of Notre Dame and the Louvre, I will be honest tho to begin with I was a bit scared as there were a lot of people and I was dressed in my Forgotten Ballerina Tutu, hmm. But I got used to the on looking parisians and we came away with some corkers.

I also got to do the touristy bits of Paris and spent a couple of days with my lovely Gruff, we rented a small apartment, and by small I could sit on the loo and still make dinner! in Bastille where we got lost many times and saw some great sites. The Eiffel Tower was interesting as we found our Panoramic setting on our camera and this gave way to an hour of trigger happy pics.

Also the walk down the stairs was all too aparent the next day when neither of us could move, it was worth it tho! We saw Jim's grave and Edith and Mr. Wildes, the wonderful Mont Martre and Pigalle, the MoulinRouge, drank a lot of wine and ate A LOT of pizza, also Gruff managed to use some french, Ola, silly Gruff.

All in all it was a fantastic experience and something I really hope to do again next year, the atmosphere of the whole week was amazing.