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Friday, 11 May 2012

Siamese Twin act with Missy Fatale

Myself and the lovely Missy Fatale performed our Siamese Twin routine last week at The Double R club, a great night put on by the fabulous Rose Thorne and Benjamin Louche,
It was set in the wonderful venue of the Bethnal Green Workings Men Club, it does sound like an awful place, and kind of is with it's sticky carpet, and chairs from the Shining, but I think that's what gives it it's charm. A perfect place to have a David Lynch inspired Cabaret show.

The other acts in the line up were...
Lydia Darling performing a strange tango needle dance
Matt Fraser and Trix Malish a really creepy and strange act with prosthetic arms and lots of fake blood
Bettsie Bon Bon sexy green exotic buxom temptress

An this is terrible because I can't remember their names but there was a quick change elvis act that was on just before me so I didn't get to see it,  and then there was a strange duo acts with singing and ballet and the drunk, jilted lady who sang and drank. She was great.

Here are some pics from the show, we are taking this act over to Oz too.

Looking forward to it!


Missy takes a drag and I blow it out, cool hey? x x

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