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Friday, 24 June 2011


I loved this night, it was great to work with Missy Malone again and is always a pleasure to work with the lovely Coco Deville, I also got to meet Cherry Shakewell, we have both been a resident performer at the Ballrooms and yet not come across each other so it was nice to finally meet her. Her acts were cracking too.
I also had the pleasure of working with Brighton lovelies Trixy vixen and Betty Nails, both were an absolute pleasure and made the night go so smoothly, Betty with her fantastic stage kitty skills and Trixy with her wonderful compering. They both were such a massive help I would have been jelly without them.
Paul Zenon the magician came and did a quick turn with a fruity mix of an act, it was funny and very nice to be a part of the show.
And last but certainly not least was Sukki Singapora. Wow what a lady, her acts were great and her look was very unusual, I hope she does well as she's new to the scene but has a lot to offer and I think is a really unique performer.

I did miss my Veronica tho. 

I performed my first outing of the Gorilla, politely named by my Gruff, RANGA Kong, as i'm ginger and he calls me Ranga. Nice.
It's a tribute to Marlene Dietrech's Hot Voodoo from the 30's. I will admit it need a major amount of tweeking and it was certainly a freestyled routine BUT it went okay and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Thank you to my Gruff who made the music for me. I love him.

Here are some pics...

I also performed my Humming bird routine. Both of these acts still need some tweeking!!

 Betty Nails, Coco Deville, Cherry Shakewell, Paul Zenon, me, Missy Malone and Sukki Singapora
I think Trixy had gone for a stiff drink. 

Thanks for a Great show! x

Thursday, 23 June 2011

London Calling - London Tattoo Convention 2010

Published: 15 March, 2011 - Featured in Skin Deep 191, October, 2010

Also more than worthy of a mention is Billie Rae. Her twenties styled Burlesque show is truly outstanding and in a class all of its own – if you missed her show this weekend, one look at her calendar will tell you that you won’t have to go too long before seeing her somewhere again.

I know this is old but someone showed me this and I had never seen it, so that's always a nice surprise x

Friday, 10 June 2011

Aloha! Tiki

I am very excited about this event next week that I have put together, June 18th at the Brighton Ballrooms, there is one hell of a line up with some incredible acts!

Missy Malone
Cherry Shakewell
Coco Deville
Billie Rae
Daisy Deluxe
Sukki Singapora

Trixy Vixen
DJ Blue Rango!

I will be performing my Giant humming Bird and jumping into a big illuminated flower full of golden nectar and glitter, I may even incorporate some Fire for this show. I'm also working on my newest creation, it's still a secret at the moment, but it's big and white and involves a lot of faux white fur. I can't wait!

I am also helping coco next week make a fruit hat for her act, that will be fun and she'll pull it off so well.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Neil Kendell photos

Neil Kendell Photographs

I have had previous blog about my shoot with Neil, here are some of the other shots we did, I love his work.


I hope you like them

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

La Bordello Boheme Flyers April, May, June

The flyers for La Bordello Boheme, made by moir...
wait til you see July 30th, it's very nice.

A night in the Saloon

A Night at the Circus

A night in Wonderland

Monday, 6 June 2011

Enrico Ricciardi

I did a photo shoot with Italian photographer Enrico Riccardio, he uses a lot of photoshop and editing to create highly structured images,

I am still waiting on the results for my ones, we did a whole set for tight rope, an elephant and lots of old vintage inspired circus scenes, I can't wait to see them finished.

Here are the sneak peak of some of the un edited ones...

Milano, Voodoo DeLuxe

I flew back out to Milan this May for a few days with Voodoo Deluxe!

 I got to see the lovely Janet Fischietto again as we did a private event in the centre of Milan. We got our photo taken a couple of times by random people as we walked the streets, apparently we were very cute, two red heads looking like dollys. It was very nice.

It was lovely to Janet again and see her new American Indian Act, the costume is stunning and the act is a real treat, we then had to present a GIANT cake with fire works on it, the cake was heavy, the fire works hot , but none the less we managed it between us without any mis- haps.

I also caught up with the divine Dolly Lamour, she's so purdy!

On the Saturday I performed at Salon Parisien again, a beautiful venue and a great stage,
I had the pleasure of performing with Cherilyn chic Shake and Mimi de Monmartre, I also had the pleasure of sharing a room with Mimi, she was charming and very sweet and her acts and costumes were so raunchy and 50's reow!

The voodoo Deluxe team were as fun as ever!!

I love Italy, it's so warm and so much to see, I think when I go againI will have to take my Gruff , a romantic city with no romance for me. Next time.

London Burlesque Week

I was part of the London burlesque Week Final show which had a mammoth number of performers all performing their array of acts.

I was asked to perform my 1920's inspired Fan dance 'Bordello Queen' which is a medley of fans and fire.

I met all me ol chums from countries afar and got to catch up and met some really lovely new faces as well. It was a great social event for all us ladies to see each other on mass!

In rather offish overall opinion of the whole show I think we got off lightly with this from the Erotic Review.  It was a long show for ANY audience...

Erotic Review for LBW
'Sensuality was abundant throughout the revue. Billie Rae and Beau Rocks rocked their spellbinding curves, the former with her signature fire-eating number preceded by a sinuous fan dance, the latter with her Dance With Me, Henry skit, a glamorous strip to the sound of Madonna’s Sooner or Later (I Always Get My Man) from Dick Tracy.

Images by Darren Jugurnauth
Image by Tigz Rice

Heres a Link from queerlesque who were kind enough to film my act for me...

<iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hope you enjoy it...x

La Bordello Boheme

Well well,

Since March there has been a new night in sunny Brighton town, La Bordello boheme, a brain child of myself, Coco Deville and Veronica Blacklace.

We have created a night that has been a lot of fun to be a part of and seems to be attracting the attention of some very interesting and amazing people!

Our monthly nights started in March with La Bordello Boheme A night in the Opium Garden with special guests Bea Devil and Fifi Fatale

I debuted my Humming Bird act which went down a treat, the costume took so long to create but was well worth it, along with my giant flower now referred to as 'the beast'

Photos by Peter Kalen

WOW magazine

Tigz Rice the very talented photographer, you will have seen her in previous posts, was interviewed in a magazine and I was the little fleshy thing on the front cover

White Mink

I had the pleasure once again of working with the lovely Nick Hollywood and his electro swing night White Mink, new venue at the Haunt.

Some cracking bands, dj's and acts and I performed free style along with nick to one of his much loved tracks, it worked really well and was a real pleasure to dance to

Yep censored

Dj Davey Wavestar

This is my Zeigfeld carnie costume

The Steam Punk HiddenTaxidermist

A very interested night where I shared a stage with a lot of post living creatures, mainly birds but a few rabbits, ferrits and squirrals amongst other little beasties...

A show run by the fantastic Tarik Elmouwaki, a fellow Brightoner, at his theatre The Marlborough, a strange place with a lot of character.

The Taxidermy Humming Bird photo by Rob Watkins

Black and white images by Katerina Janinen at Light Trick Photography