Bohemian Starlet

Monday, 9 January 2012

Vintage portrait

Done in the style of hand tinted vintage photography.
Image by Russ Bell.

La Bordello Boheme - After Dark

La Bordello Boheme, bigger and better than ever!

Our new venue will be 3 floors of utterly outstanding entertainment at the PhsycoSocial, with world famous Burlesque, Cabaret and Variety to knock your socks off!!

We hope you can all make it, 

★ Top floor A rather risque and naughty room where you will witness mind blowing performances from art, erotica, exotica and with a studio 54 hedonistic atmosphere filled with beautiful libertines and awe inspiring acts. Laze on the beds and hide behind the drapes...

★Ground Floor will be Cabaret and Burlesque stage shows, live music and variety entertainment. There will be pole artists and incredible performances and some fantastic laughs and screams...

★Basement FloorOpens at midnight, you can dance the night away with the beautiful bar staff serving divine cocktails, music to make you smile and swing. With an ecclectic and eccentric range throughout the night there will be something for everyone...
Tickets on sale now

Come and Play...

Saturday, 7 January 2012

NYE - the Bordello Boheme at The Mesmerist

The pictures should explain all. A lot of nudity, alcohol and utterly incredible performances from Cherry Bella, M Bas Adore, British Heart plus my favourite sexlings Veronica Blacklace and ChiChi Revolver. Also my amazing Gruff came and did the sound and Dj'd and all my fantastic friends.
There was a lot of love in this room...too much?

You can find the whole set on our Bordello Boheme Facebook.

Photo shoot at The Mesmerist with Russ Zombie and Lighttrick photography

We had a great shoot at the Mesmerist with Russ Zombie and Light Trick photography,
Inviting all the lovely performers of Brighton
 (that were available and that we work with reguraly)

                                                               Light Trick Photography
Russ Zombie Bell

My favourite Ladies!!!!!

We also took this place over for NYE!

Coco Boudior - Bath

Run by the gorgeous and amazing Fifi Fatale and Gemma.
I loved it, it was a bit of a treck as I was feeling poorly, just got back from Rome BUT soooo worth it in the end!
Working with such a cracking line up was a pleasure!

Rome Burlesque Festival

This was such a pleasure, I really really enjoyed my time in Rome, I met some FANTASTIC ladies and gents.
I met and performed with the lovely Luna Rosa. Exotic and amazing lady with a fez!
Dixie Ramone. Italian beauty of whom I have a real soft spot.
Julie Atlas Muz. She is a lot of fun, a great person to be around and an insane performer.
Benoit and his band, these guys are a fantastic bunch, we had so much fun in the changing room playing music, dancing, drinking and laughing. It was an amazing atmosphere in there.
Then there was the lovely Suri Sumatra, I lover her, so beautiful and lovely. :)
All of the team and cast and crew were utterly amazing and sooo nice.

Viva la Roma!!

Strasbourg - Luna Moka

I had a little trip over to Strasbourg.
I did a lovely little show with Luna Moka, it was beautiful, christmasy and it had a great stage.
Lots of fun!
This is one of the images - me on the right, that was taken from the show and published in a magazine over in France.