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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Studio 54 - Die Freche Muse


I was asked to perform at Die Freche Muse and thier Studio 54 party.
It was great fun! I put a large canvas on the floor and then proceeded to cover myself in different coloured paint and made lots of patterns.
I was originally going to fill balloons with paint and pop them on myself, but with the rather lovely interior of Adams Street, plus the fact I exploded a green paint balloon one all over myself and Banbury Cross, I thought that it would may have been a little messy.
I danced to something more contemporary (for me) My Gruff remixed White Rabbit with some Dub Step, NOT something I would normally do, but I really enjoyed doing it and i'm really glad that I had the oppertunity do to so.

I had a lot of fun doing my hair and make up in a 60s style.

Images by Sin Bozkirk, A very lovely man

Enrico Riccardias

A new picture from Enrico Riccardias it was took this back in May when I was in Italy with Voodoo Deluxe.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

British Burlesque in New York!

La Bordello Boheme 
were invited to do a show in New York at Roy Arias Theatres in Time Square! So Veronica Blacklace, myself and the incredible ChiChi Revolver, set sale west and boy oh boy did we have some fun...

The shows were great too,
We had Tiny D all the way from Brooklyn
Rosie Kohl half Brit, half New yorker
and Calamity Gin, she's as British as the Queen!!

We stayed in a really cool apartment that had black walls and an industrial feel, it also had some cockroaches, but apparently that's New York and they're everywhere.

We had some amazing nights, we went to a hip hop MC battle...

We saw the statue of liberty

I also went to see my Gruff in Florida

It was hot!

We did so much and did 8 shows in total, spent lots of nights in the BOX where we were treated very well, lot's of Champagne and the shows were, eh hem, a little more risque than myself, but very entertaining, I look forward to seeing the London one next week. 

There are loads of pictures on Facebook as well if you look on there.

I miss you New York! 

I think Vegas will be next

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Paris - Beautiful Freaks

I had the pleasure to be back in Paris with Valentina Del Pearls and her le Burlesque Klub.
Brilliant cast of incredibly beautiful and freaky Parisian girls, Miss Glitter Pain Killer, Cerise Diva Champion, Shirel and the utterly beautiful Dyna Daggers. 
But I was not alone representing the UK as the mini hot rod Vendetta Vain entertained me for the night with her eye patch, balloons and mega green outfit!

Such a pleasure to be a part of this show!

Me and Cerise

Peter Pan Rimini

I had the pleasure of being invited to perform at Rimini's infamous Peter Pan Venue in Italy.
Voodoo Deluxe buddied me up with Ivan an incredible artistic director and costume maker.
It was a ridiculous club with so many confetti cannons, streamers, gorgeous people and amazing visuals everywhere!

I performed in between two stunning ladies adorned with Feathers and enormous diamond body jewels.

Here are a couple of little pics.

Paris Burlesque Festival 2011

I love this place, I love all the people and I was so happy to be involved again!

Some of my favourite performers were also out there so it was a real pleasure to a part of such a good show with such an amazing aray of performers.

I also got to spend a few days with my handsome Gruff walking the streets of Paris and taking in the Romantic sites, eating too much and drinking too much. But boy oh boy it was great fun!


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Milk Cow Publication of Neil Kendells work

Milk Cow Interview with Neil Kendell

Photos Neil Kendell, Words Indiana Belle, Published by Milk Cow Magazine

Italy - des Iles Boromées

I very much enjoyed my latest visit over to Italy with the Voodoo Deluxe gang.
It was a lovely evening with Vicky Butterly, Dolly Lamour, Lady Flo and Janet Fischietto and of course Sara and Virgil.

An absolutely stunning venue, a very decadent and grand Hotel over looking the Lake Maggiore,
We arrived at dusk so it looked extra beautiful, the sun was shining, it was hot. Man I love Italy!

What a great show to be part of!

Photos from Sin Sarabin

La Bordello Boheme - Venus Vs Mars

Wow! What a whopper of a show, Boys Vs Girls made for an interesting night with acts from the incredible...


The Beautiful Luxury Values


COUNT ADRIANO FETTUCINI - He looks like he's floating here!

VERONICA BLACKLACE - Meow she looks hot here




Cherry Bella
We also had a male vocalist but unfortunately no snaps of him, he was amazing tho and my god he could sing.

All in all it was a lot of fun mixing up the genders and seeing the difference between male and female performances and also how some of our lovely gents move in such a femenine way and of coarse how some of our lovely ladies immotated men (Adora you do it so well, KISS)

I did my Ranga Kong, so pleasently nicked named now by my Gruff, as I am ginger and he has learnt a new way of winding me up. Ranga.

Anyway nobody knew in the crowd if it was a boy or a girl as our show had been mixed up so it was great to pop out and hear the crowds response! I also did my Ziegfeld Carnie at the end, this was fun as I was infront of British Hearts giant Vaginé

Photos from Light Trick, Lucid and Chameleon Photography, also Darren Jugernauth

Monday, 22 August 2011

Monte Carlo

What an incredible experience! I had such a fantastic time in Monte Carlo with the amazing Voodoo Deluxe family!

Performing at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel was great as we performed outside at 11pm and it was still HOT!

It was really really hot!

I was very happy to fly out with Betsy Rose and share a gorgeous view and Hotel room with her. I also got to see Dolly L'amour again, I love her. Looking forward to being back there in Sept x

Thursday, 4 August 2011

La Bordello Boheme a Night under the sea

Core blimey,
We sold out on this event and were very very pleased to do so,

It was packed and we had some amazing acts, the lovely Wanda De Lullabies (all the way from France) did her little bikini and her hawaiin act, it was very cute.
Emerald Ace and her strong man and Sushi Octopus, I love her shows, great use of music and facial expressions. We also had the lovely Paul Roberts singing with us and Belladonna Button.

The Staff all dressed up as little mermaids and sailors, they looked amazing and it's so nice that they make the effort there.

The lovely sailor boy Myles had to carry me onto the stage for my Mermaid act. Bless him, I think ariel would have been considerably lighter,
I couldn't move in my tail tho, not even a little bit.!/video/video.php?v=198460610209890&comments - if you are friends with me on Facebook you can view this video, I will try and get it onto youtube soon.

Here is the new Video!

Here are some pics from the lovely Katerina Jarvinen