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Friday, 11 May 2012

La Bordello Boheme - Taboo in the Big Top

It finally arrived, our La Bordello Boheme Taboo in the Big Top!

Tuesday night we put together our biggest show yet, myself and Veronica Blacklace spent a long time putting this little baby together, and boy was it worth our time.

We had the pleasure of working with Phil Gandey, from Lady Boys of Bangkok, Chinese State and so many more high profile large scale shows and events. He let us use his tent for one night and we got very excited and were VERY happy to take it on.

The stage itself was amazing, better than any venue we've used, the lights, the sound and the option to have aeriel was such a treat,

We had a cracking line up too,

Beau Rocks quite literally mesmerised our crowd with her immense body, blonde bombshell looks and her incredible burlesque striptease.

Amelie Soliel and Edd Muir from Frayed knot, my two fabourite little poeople. ;) Edd performed a very impressive Chinese pole act and a duo whip act with the lovely Amelie, and Amelie performed her epic serpentine dance. Both great people.

Adriano Fettucini stepped in for us, which we were so pleased about, we wanted to book him originally but he was busy, then he was available and we'd already booked all our acts, but British Heart wasn't able to make it, so we were blessed with Count Adriano and his wonderful uni cycle!!

Chi Chi Revolver, amazing and gorgeous and always Brilliant!!!

Kitty Peels performed an effortless and delicate silks act whilst Veronica sang her heart out.

And of course our favourite lads performed some well loved Swing to our audiences.

Veronica performed her debut of her singing in the Aerial hoop and she was F**king amazing, the lights on her, her costume and her voice was honestly brilliant!!

We also debuted our little peice we did together, I sand whilst Veronica played the Piano, it was completely terrifing, I was soooo nervous!! So So unbelievably nervous. But Veronica made me fee alot better, just before the curtains opened she was making me laugh, which made it much better...sort of.

I also performed my Lonely Goatherd and My ziegfeld carnie...

It was so much fun and our crowd were great and all our guys helping with sound lights and backstage. We couldn't have done it without them!

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