Bohemian Starlet

Thursday, 10 September 2015

My new Home - BERLIN

I now call Berlin my new home.

Shanghai Adventures

So! Of I flew to Shanghai, WOW what an incredible and mental country and City, complete culture shock and quite honestly like nowhere I could even describe. I had been to Beijing many years ago for a gig with Louis Vuitton, but nothing prepared me for this.

The way of working, the lifestyle was so different to Dubai, in Dubai we couldn't drink or party after 3am, Shanghai had 30p bottles of beers, noodles bars open 24 hours and a night life that was unreal!

12 months of my life I spent in China. I had a moped, I rented my own apartment, I was a Lawai living in a traditional lane house, red hair and white skin, I ate and drank with locals in dumpling restaurants, I learnt to get hit by cars and it just be 'the way it was if you ride a bike'. Imagine 200/300 people on bikes, sometimes with anywhere between 3 to 6 people on each bike, tables, wardrobes, sinks, washing machines. My daily life was like an episode of whacky races. 
I loved it. 

All the precious people I met in Shanghai I still hold very close to me. 
Fucking love you all.