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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Milk Cow Publication of Neil Kendells work

Milk Cow Interview with Neil Kendell

Photos Neil Kendell, Words Indiana Belle, Published by Milk Cow Magazine

Italy - des Iles Boromées

I very much enjoyed my latest visit over to Italy with the Voodoo Deluxe gang.
It was a lovely evening with Vicky Butterly, Dolly Lamour, Lady Flo and Janet Fischietto and of course Sara and Virgil.

An absolutely stunning venue, a very decadent and grand Hotel over looking the Lake Maggiore,
We arrived at dusk so it looked extra beautiful, the sun was shining, it was hot. Man I love Italy!

What a great show to be part of!

Photos from Sin Sarabin

La Bordello Boheme - Venus Vs Mars

Wow! What a whopper of a show, Boys Vs Girls made for an interesting night with acts from the incredible...


The Beautiful Luxury Values


COUNT ADRIANO FETTUCINI - He looks like he's floating here!

VERONICA BLACKLACE - Meow she looks hot here




Cherry Bella
We also had a male vocalist but unfortunately no snaps of him, he was amazing tho and my god he could sing.

All in all it was a lot of fun mixing up the genders and seeing the difference between male and female performances and also how some of our lovely gents move in such a femenine way and of coarse how some of our lovely ladies immotated men (Adora you do it so well, KISS)

I did my Ranga Kong, so pleasently nicked named now by my Gruff, as I am ginger and he has learnt a new way of winding me up. Ranga.

Anyway nobody knew in the crowd if it was a boy or a girl as our show had been mixed up so it was great to pop out and hear the crowds response! I also did my Ziegfeld Carnie at the end, this was fun as I was infront of British Hearts giant Vaginé

Photos from Light Trick, Lucid and Chameleon Photography, also Darren Jugernauth