Bohemian Starlet

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Humming Bird

I have been doing this routine for a while but never got it filmed,
So here is a little peak of my Humming Bird Routine, it does also go into fire but that isn't in this unfortunately, also  the music has changed over time and can sometimes be some Sidney Bechet, but with this one I used a sexay version of 'Trust in Me' from the Jungle Book.

Enjoy xxx


  1. Beautiful! So looking forward to seeing you at the Big Top next week =D Love the sexy Jungle Book music on this.. Who's singing it? Love it, amazing talented lady xx

  2. Thank you Jo-emma, it is by a lady called Sasheel Raman. Glad to hear you will be coming to the Taboo show, hope you enjoy it. x