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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Upcoming shows

March 18th - Brighton Ballrooms - Brighton
March 25th - Tuscan Garter  - Brighton
March 26th - La Bordello Boheme - Brighton
March 28th - Corporate - London

April 1st - Brighton Ballrooms - Brighton
April 2nd - The Hidden taxidermist - Brighton
April 9th - No strings Puppet theatre - Norwich
April 15th - White Mink - Brighton
April 16th - WamBam Cafe de Paris - London
April 29th - Brighton Ballroom - Brighton
April 30th - London Burlesque week - London

May 21st - Stranger than Paradise Gypsy Mayhem After Party - Brighton
May 27th - BoomBoom Club - London

Monday, 7 March 2011

Home House russian Party

I did a private party for some Russians, here's a really quick sneak peak...
Photographs by Eliza Claire x

WamBam Cafe de Paris

I love this venue, I love the stage and I loved performing on it,
Such a luscious and decadent space, it's golds and reds, deep purples and tassels make for a real atmospheric and desirable show.

The changing rooms are oversized (probably over sexed), velvet beds with gold trims and beads, lots of big mirrors and a dark red glow that makes it all the more exciting.
Lady Alex the host of the show, and her teeny tiny oh so ridiculous ( still want one ) chihuahua Sukie, were brilliant, I caught some of her acts, she is a funny lady.
Cabaret Rouge were beautiful and so well choreographed, and the stunning Ruby Deshabille also added to the burlesque line up, I have worked with Ruby a few times and it's always a pleasure.
On the Cabaret side of things there was Rosie Cheeks, an incredible and alluring Aerialist (also wore one of my headdresses last week ), comedy singers, mimes and a barber shop trio. Oh and not forgetting the quite frankly unforgettable Bunny Galore.
I rarely get to see other acts as am always back stage, but I caught the 2nd half and honestly it was so entertaining, Ria the ukele playing singer was hilarious.

I loved this show and I will be back there in April! x x
- Link to FlickR images...

Volupte - Swinging Burlesque Boudoir

I have had the pleasure of performing at this show before and I really enjoy it, it feels like you're down in  the cabaret under belly of london, it's small, dark, people are dining but are still a great crowd and a great venue.

I worked with The Diamond Dolls a swing dancing duo from australia and the lovely Missy Fatale and the oh so creepy and wonderful Benjamin Louche, a kind of Lynchian Pee wee herman. He was great!

The show went very smoothly, I performed Bordello Queen and Tatty showgirl, I breathed fire for this one. I rarely do it anymore but I Missy likes the fire balls and so do the audience.

Tigz Rice ( the brilliant photographer from previous post ) was there taking snaps so expect some cracking shots from the show soon!

I think for a small cast we most certainly gave them a good show.

Valentines Winter Ball - Nez Kendall

What a night! The Winter Ball was fantastic, I performed with the gorgeous Vicky Butterfly, Loulou D'vil, Bella Von Kiss and Pippa the Ripper.
It was great working with Loulou again as we have worked together in Paris and Amsterdam and working with Vicky is always a treat. But Pippa the Ripper I had never had the pleasure of working with the ozzy oddity, boy can that girl swing hoops! Such a laugh too! And Bella's voice is so soft it's like velvet.
And of coarse, not forgetting Mr. Nez Kendall himself, what a guy, I loved him from the moment I met him, his camp and infectious beaming smile made me feel very welcomed and he really knows how to put on a great show!

The venue was a HUGE town Hall with an impressive stage and an enormous organ behind us, we also had a smaller plinth in the audience which we did some acts on too.
The crowd were very responsive and impeccably dressed, i'll admit, I wasn't too sure what to expect from Lancaster, but they were a great bunch.

The night ended with champagne, cocktail umbrellas and a house of vintage burlesque memorabilia and slumbering burlesque beauties. It was brilliant!

Looking forward to my shoot with Mr.Kendall soon. x

I did Forgotten Ballerina and Bordello Queen

mmm tasty pearls. x

Headdresses Proud Camden

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing me headdresses I made for the Fuel Girls at Proud Camden in action!
I made six in all, 3 white/pink and 3 black/gold. They looked incredible on the girls and I was pretty chuffed.
The idea around them was 20's 30's Eastern decadence, (Theda Bara as Cleopatra) But I made them slightly grander and a little darker for the contemporary audience.
The girls were sat up in swings and dropping petals over the crowds, it looked amazing, I dressed them in long floating robes that hung down and golds and pearled accessories so they literally were dripping with eye catching pieces.
One of the lovely ladies also wore a headdress up on stilts (brave, as they are massive) but she looked incredible and pulled it off with immense grace.
I also got to get up in one of the swings, they are high up and I had to climb up a man to get in one, I don't think I had much grace there. But once up it was brilliant, I just sat and looked pretty and smiled. Great gig. Then of coarse I did some fire accompanied by Ash the drummer, we did a short show with drums, trumpets and really got the audience going, he's great for that.
So much fun.
Photos of headdresses will be up shortly. I hope. x