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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Over the Rainbow - Perth Burlesque Festival Australia

Greetings all!

Well well I have been away on a little trip over the rainbow to Australia.!

I flew over to Australia with my lovely Gruff, we first flew into Western Australia - Perth and had the pleasure of staying with Paul and Zofia, two amazing people who got us drunk on Cherry Vodka and cooked us amazing BBQs.
 We then stayed in Perth Centre in our own Hotel suite (got an upgrade as it was our...umm honey moon, haha) and we spent the week as part of the Perth burlesque Festival, run by the incredible Adora Derriere, (Mel) and the lovely Coco Poppins (Mel2)

My first duty as part of the festival was doing a workshop on 1920s Vamp hair and make up, with 18 girls darkening their eyes, pencilling their brows and finger waving their hair I was so thrilled at the end to see what a good job they all did, it's a little daunting at first and takes some practise, but they all did amazing.

The next night was then at The Bakery, where Missy Fatale and I performed our Siamese Twin act, we incorporated a new big fabric bow which held us in place and made the whole thing so much easier (just as well as we got about 2mins to rehearse it) but it went down really well. I love performing with Missy, it makes me laugh as we have to do everything one handed and being squeezed into our wedding dress moving like a strange ghost. Love it.

I then did the Saturday night in Freemantle, which is a really lovely town (reminded me a bit of Brighton) And we performed at The fly by Night, which was a big plane hanger type venue. Huge stage, great crowd and a great show! I performed my Ballerina, they gave me such brilliant reactions and it was so much fun.

Fanny La Rue was the compere for this show, she is brilliant! Made me laugh loads.

Miss Jane was a part of the Freo show too, she's Melbourne based lass who we got to see again when we went over there, such a good performer, she had a real power and broodiness to her acts.

I also went back to Freemantle the following day as part of the Dr Sketchys, me and the beautiful Dixie Ramone did it together, we shared some poses and took it in turn for the different spots of modelling.

The artwork that came from the crowd was amazing, I was donated an image of myself which I will frame and be very proud of.

I performed my Ballerina.

And the 15mins pose I made sure I sat down.

That was the Perth Burlesque Festival and what a fantastic weekend of shows and I had such a pleasure meeting all the acts from Oz and being part of such well run shows!!!

Now for the Tour...

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