Bohemian Starlet

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Cirque frolics

I have run away with the circus!
Here are some pictures of me and my lovely carnie chums...

Attention! Quick March!

Miranda, Chichi and moir

Arrabella Drummond, Andromeda Circus, Mr Pustra, James and Suri Sumatra in Luxembourg 2012.

Aren't we purdy...

Arina the sexy clown!!

Vicky Butterfly and Suri Sumatra


Me and my little pussy cat! (new headdress)

Moir, Missy Macabre and Suri, Where's Wally! 

Double R club

I performed my Humming Bird act at Double R Club on Thursday.
It is in one of Londons darkest and most unusual cabaret haunts, Bethnal Greens working mens club and it is a wonderful show!

I felt really chubby tho since Christmas gorging and lack of regular exercise. So when I was wearing my C string all I could think was hmm how wobbly is my bottom!

But I think it went down well, I've had some lovely messages from the audience members saying how much they enjoyed it, which is really nice to hear.

Here are some pictures, more will be on it's way soon.

Images by Julia Shalam.

New costume headdress

I made myself a new headdress, right from scratch, I was actually really chuffed with the results, you can't see on this image (black and white) but it is actually lit up with light blue LEDs. Looks good in  the dark.

The inspiration is taken from old circus images, ziegfeld girls, 1920s vamps and Theda Bara.

The Humming Bird - Vienna

Come take a peek at my Humming Bird video...

Really enjoyed this show last year in Vienna with Antonia Gruber and Cirque Rouge.
Thank you to RockVideos for putting it together.