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Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Lonely Goat herder at Die Freche Muse

I had the pleasure of performing at Die Freche Muse's 3rd Birthday party,

I performed my newest act 'The Lonely Goat Herder' which is a germanic bavarian dutch, lederhosen style act. It's a silly act and is just a bit of fun, It certainly isn't going to win me any awards, but people always seem to smile and enjoy it and sometime even sing along...which is lovely.

I tried to do my make up a little Bob Fosse style, so 30s Cabaret eyes and really big red cheeks. I looked like a doll with my hair tied up in plates either side of my head. I think this added a darker element to the act. I also adapted the music for Die Freche, I danced to a 40s WW2 Dutch song about a Dutch called Mary. Then it went into a very odd and strange skipping rope song, 'I'm a little dutch girl dressed in blue, these are the things I like to do, salut to the General and bow to the queen, turn my back on the submarine.'

For the video that I had filmed of and have edited, I put a more contemporary track over it, but it does come with a few options depending on the style of night and the type of crowd.

Follow the link to have a look,

Yodelay Eeh hoo!!

To see some of the pics from the night, follow link to Nick Von Fiction


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