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Friday, 24 June 2011


I loved this night, it was great to work with Missy Malone again and is always a pleasure to work with the lovely Coco Deville, I also got to meet Cherry Shakewell, we have both been a resident performer at the Ballrooms and yet not come across each other so it was nice to finally meet her. Her acts were cracking too.
I also had the pleasure of working with Brighton lovelies Trixy vixen and Betty Nails, both were an absolute pleasure and made the night go so smoothly, Betty with her fantastic stage kitty skills and Trixy with her wonderful compering. They both were such a massive help I would have been jelly without them.
Paul Zenon the magician came and did a quick turn with a fruity mix of an act, it was funny and very nice to be a part of the show.
And last but certainly not least was Sukki Singapora. Wow what a lady, her acts were great and her look was very unusual, I hope she does well as she's new to the scene but has a lot to offer and I think is a really unique performer.

I did miss my Veronica tho. 

I performed my first outing of the Gorilla, politely named by my Gruff, RANGA Kong, as i'm ginger and he calls me Ranga. Nice.
It's a tribute to Marlene Dietrech's Hot Voodoo from the 30's. I will admit it need a major amount of tweeking and it was certainly a freestyled routine BUT it went okay and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Thank you to my Gruff who made the music for me. I love him.

Here are some pics...

I also performed my Humming bird routine. Both of these acts still need some tweeking!!

 Betty Nails, Coco Deville, Cherry Shakewell, Paul Zenon, me, Missy Malone and Sukki Singapora
I think Trixy had gone for a stiff drink. 

Thanks for a Great show! x

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