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Monday, 6 June 2011

Milano, Voodoo DeLuxe

I flew back out to Milan this May for a few days with Voodoo Deluxe!

 I got to see the lovely Janet Fischietto again as we did a private event in the centre of Milan. We got our photo taken a couple of times by random people as we walked the streets, apparently we were very cute, two red heads looking like dollys. It was very nice.

It was lovely to Janet again and see her new American Indian Act, the costume is stunning and the act is a real treat, we then had to present a GIANT cake with fire works on it, the cake was heavy, the fire works hot , but none the less we managed it between us without any mis- haps.

I also caught up with the divine Dolly Lamour, she's so purdy!

On the Saturday I performed at Salon Parisien again, a beautiful venue and a great stage,
I had the pleasure of performing with Cherilyn chic Shake and Mimi de Monmartre, I also had the pleasure of sharing a room with Mimi, she was charming and very sweet and her acts and costumes were so raunchy and 50's reow!

The voodoo Deluxe team were as fun as ever!!

I love Italy, it's so warm and so much to see, I think when I go againI will have to take my Gruff , a romantic city with no romance for me. Next time.

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  1. It was a pleasure for me!
    As I already said you are a true Angel! It was funny to see how sweet, milky pearl skin and delicate you were next to this dark, all "Black and Hairy" (I love this song!)stray cat I was!
    You're a real beautie inside and outside.
    Much love and hope to see you in july!! ;) Let me know if you want to come.