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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Bordello Boheme June 25th

Howdy Ya'll, what a night!!
We had a cracking show at the Brighton Ballroom with our 4th Bordello, and boy oh boy was it a corker.
Saloon girls, cowboys and plenty of dancing and cheering!!
With a fantastic line up including Tabitha with her amazing voice, The Swing ninjas, Sweet Tease, Annette Bette and of coarse, Coco Deville, myself and Veronica Blacklace.

I performed two new acts I came up specially for the Saloon theme, the first was a Murder Ballad to Nick Caves Wild Rose. (The one with Kylie) I performed a slightly hmm Kate Bush inspired costume and act, but it went down well and had lots of rose petals and sparkles.
I then did a Carnie, rolls into town with the circus, I danced to Clap your Hands by Tom Waits. It was a bit of a hybrid costume from my Gorilla and Ballerina, but that seemed to be well recieved specially with the fire breathing at the end. Here are some snaps from the show.
With Thanks to photographers
Katerina from Light Trick, Peter Kalem, Darren Juggernauth and Micheal from Chameleon.

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