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Thursday, 13 September 2012


All I should really say about Bestival is that it was amazing, I was there last year and it was really hard work, but this year, it was brilliant.

I worked with the wonderful guys from Slamboree who are a big old band of roustabouts and carnie folk, they all play some kind of strange instrument and dress up like a bizarre disturbing circus troupe and yes do they know how to have a good time, they got the crowd going and it was great fun and a real pleasure to be involved in.

We did three sets over the Fri and Sat night (which left Sunday for me to party) the first was on the Arcadia stage. Which is two chaps Burt and Pip's weird firey, pyro spider lemon zester gone wrong... but so right.

 It didn't have it's big legs this year, but was still a big ball of flaming goodness.
They also had on here a man called John Monty, I think it was John, anyway Monty man, he was utterly mad. He climbed about 300ft in the air on a pole and then proceeded to wobble it, do hand stands at the top and whilst doing so made everyone on the floor literally squirm and yelp as he moved himself about up in the stars. He was bonkers.
I also had a lovely moment on this stage, whilst dancing the track then changed to 'you can't always get what you want' which is a song that me and my Gruff have a little thing for, and as I was thinking aaw it's our song, I then looked up and as the crowd of hundreds parted there was my Gruff stood right there looking up at me, made me very happy.

Okay mooshy love stuff over...

We also performed later that night on the Polka stage, which is a great place to go and get your oompah on... and I did.

On the Saturday night we were then in the Club Dada Spiegeltent. Such a beautiful old thing!!

It was a really good energy and I performed to a mix of Yan Tiersen's Amelie as the band played and Mike mixed in a beat, it was a really nice mix of old sound and new. I think my highlight was Zorba the greek remix and watching everyone go mental for it.

I also had my picture taken from a lady from Vogue for the Festival fashion thing, so if you see my pic anywhere let me know. 

If you were at Bestival this year I think you'll agree, when the weather is nice it truly is a wonderful festival to be involved in.

Fingers crossed Glastonbury will be as nice for next year!!

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