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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Edinburgh Fringe

Well this is why I have been so quiet on the old Blog front, I have spent the last 3 weeks in Edinburgh on and off for the Fringe.

Hwell well, it was a crazy few weeks indeed. It seemed the whole of the London Cabaret scene made their way up to the bonnie land of shortbread and haggis.

We honestly couldn't walk down the street ten yards without saying how do to some familiar face. It was lovely tho.

The venue we were set up in was a giant church/chapel called the Tron, (one of the oldest in Edinburgh) and we rather blasphemously were in there performing our risque and raunchy was a pile of bricks and an empty shell until two days before we arrived, they put the stage, lights, sound and bar in all for the Fringe.

The first few nights there were some obvious hiccups, running times, music choice. sound and just general getting to know the venue, the show and how we could make it work. Rather quickly tho (obv) we manged to make it run like a dream and everything fell into it's rightful place.

The week I was away we had the rather marvelous Sukki Singapora fill in for me and my juicy sex twin, Missy Fatale. Both of them had great feed back and lots of love to them for coming and doing my slots. We also had Trixi Tassels come and do a quick belly dancing act, she was up there for some other gigs but we lured her in...mwar har har.

Our show was 9pm til 11.30pm EVERY night, which meant that we really didn't get to see any other shows, unless they were a late one, we saw some other Burlesque and Cabaret from our chums, but other than that, we were very much just up there for the work. and believe me we worked!!

I haven't quite worked out how to get my pics off of Instagram yet SO if you would like to see them and have instragram? Then come find me billieraegun

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