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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Taboo in the Big Top Newcastle

We took our show La Bordello Boheme all the way up to Newcastle and once again used the Lady Boys of Bangkoks Circus Tent for our show Taboo in the Big Top.

It was a great show. We had the gorgeous Edd Muir, he did a cowboy and rope act as well as our firm favourite, his diet coke pole routine. We had the wonderful and sparkly Carrie Ann O'Dell who wowed our audience with her Dita Von Teese style acts, big feathers and of course her giant martini glass, which she splashed and posed in for all of our pleasure. We also had the ever so wonderful Mr Mistress perform with us, he did his green willy gypsy one and his do it like a dude, he really went down a storm in there. And of course we had ChiChi Revovler!! Our hula hooping princess. How I love her! And Veronica Blacklace, VBL performed her hoop again, absolutely brilliant!

I debuted two acts. Having been a bit ill and not having time to fully practise, this was probably a bad idea, but I did it none the less.

My Majorette...

And my Parachute, I can wait to play with this act and develop it more!!

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