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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Drawing Brighton

Drawing Brighton is a life drawing class set up by the lovely Kate Shields ( who also plays the saw may I add )

It's run weekly as a 6 week course and is held at Brighton Artist Residence Hotel, which is a sort of live in residency for the artists and also a hotel.

They invite different people down each week, from performers, other artists and just your average Joe's, and they sit and draw them.

I'll admit, they initial idea of 3 15min poses and then 2 30mins whilst not feeling very well was a little daunting, but as soon as I did my first one, I felt fine and even the 2 30minute poses were actually fine too. Strangely soothing, even tho I got a bit chilly and cramped on the last one.

Yes I do look mardy, but try smiling for 30mins, no way.

It was a real pleasure tho, weirdly, being drawn with such detail, looking at their drawings afterwards I could see that there were bits of my costume that all had drawn and they were bits I wouldn't even consider as being the main pieces. I also have realised that I look A LOT like my mother.

Here is one of Kate's drawings from the last sitting.

Find more on Drawing Brighton...

Aseries of weekly portrait sittings with contemporary Brighton individuals.
Held at the Artist Residence Hotel, 33 Regency Square, Brighton. Wednesdays, 7-9pm.

I'm not sure if Kate will run this again any time soon, but get in touch with her if you'd be interested.


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