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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Over the Rainbow - South West Tour Australia

So we had an incredible weekend at the Perth Burlesque Festival!! Now it's time for the South West tour...

Myself, Dixie Ramone, Missy Fatale, Coco Poppin and Adora Derrier were the line up with the lovely Fanny La Rue as MC. This was the little troupe we took on the road.

For the first night we took the show to Mandurah, we performed in a big theatre. The crowd was a mixture of young and old but were still a great crowd and made plenty of noise.
The lovely Mrs Rose was there as well, but not as a performer this time, she had performed previously at the other shows of the Festival, such a lovely lady. We met her again when we were over in Melbourne.

I performed my Ballerina and my Lonely Goatherder, I opened the show with the goat herder, which I was a little scared to do, but within seconds they were singing along and getting involved which was brilliant!!

The next night we went to Busselton and worked with the Ashtons circus, A huge circus tent with a fantastic family run troupe of circus performers.

Again I performed my Ballerina (I could only bring two acts to Oz) and me and Missy performed our siamese twin. These acts were great here tho, the Ballerina is inspired by old circus and the twin is inspired but the old freak shows, so they were right at home in the ring.

For our siamese twin we got to walk through the big red and gold trimmed curtains, which work so well! 

Dixie Ramone also got to have a go on the Trapeze! Go Dixie!!!

Gruff and I tried to scare Missy.

We all stayed in the most amazing house in Busselton, I think it was the oldest house there, we had such a lovely night and I really loved being with everyone...back on the road to Albany in the morning...

Sad to hear that the Ashton's circus actually got knocked down over the storms that were there a couple of days ago :( Good luck with it all guys and I hope that you get it sorted soon. 


After a mammoth drive with Mel and Missy and my Gruff, we winded through the Valley of the Giants and got to see some amazing view points and a bit of a giggle on the way. Dixie, Fanny and Mel (as well as Valentino the photographer and romeo) went in the other car, they had a bit of a knock tho and spun their car, so when they turned up I don't think they had had such a nice drive.

Well the shows tech in the afternoon took a mammoth 4hours which made us all a bit grumpy, but afterwards we all headed back to the house we were all staying in.
When we arrived there was a comedy leak and it was storming, but we all took it in our stride and were very grateful to be put up in such a nice place. (ignoring the spider in my room EEK)

The show itself went really well...sort of...lights cues were all out, at one point I was dancing in the dark, but you know what we didn't mind, it made it all a laugh. As we were changing in the backstage was when we first heard the thunder...

After the show we went back to the house, the thunder was epic, the lightning was incredible and the booze was flowing, so with wine and bubbles we watched from the front room as the bay was lit up but  flashes of lightning. Lots of whoops an wows. It was such a pleasant night.
I think we all got woken up on and off by the thunder claps and rain on the tin roof, but we had a great time regardless! ha.

The morning we said our good byes to Coco, Dixie, Valentino and Fanny, and me and Missy and I did our joint workshop on 20 and 40s hair and make up, I enjoyed it as it was nice to see how she did it. The ladies were lovely too.

We spent the night in Albany, got some drinks, tried my first Red Rooster and then next day we visited the Gap and the bays and made the HUGE drive back up to Perth.

We had such a good time on the tour, it was such a good experience!


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