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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Torture Garden Brighton

I had the pleasure of working with TG again and performing at Torture Gardens Brighton Event, with the incredible Chrysalis and the lovely Joe Black was also there Djing.
I performed a mixture of my humming bird with the blindfold and I created petalled c string and covered my body in little colourful petals. It went down really well and I really enjoyed performing it. Wearing a Cstring is always something I have been slightly dubious about, as I am paranoid they'll fall off and flash my lady bits. But at TG it wouldn't have really mattered in all honesty, but also having the petals cover me more, I felt at ease and less naked. I used double sided to stick the rest of the petals about my person. Cstrings really extenuate the female curves, I think I have been converted!!

It was at Phsycosocial the same venue we used in Feb for our Bordello After Dark, it was the opposite to when we were there and instead of being freezing it was literally dripping with sweat, I stayed til about 4am and tried my best to party, but after a really long week I ended up flagging and left the rest to party on without me.

I am always impressed by TG crowds commitment to costume, a lot of people i know from Brighton were there and they all looked great.


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