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Monday, 7 March 2011

Headdresses Proud Camden

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing me headdresses I made for the Fuel Girls at Proud Camden in action!
I made six in all, 3 white/pink and 3 black/gold. They looked incredible on the girls and I was pretty chuffed.
The idea around them was 20's 30's Eastern decadence, (Theda Bara as Cleopatra) But I made them slightly grander and a little darker for the contemporary audience.
The girls were sat up in swings and dropping petals over the crowds, it looked amazing, I dressed them in long floating robes that hung down and golds and pearled accessories so they literally were dripping with eye catching pieces.
One of the lovely ladies also wore a headdress up on stilts (brave, as they are massive) but she looked incredible and pulled it off with immense grace.
I also got to get up in one of the swings, they are high up and I had to climb up a man to get in one, I don't think I had much grace there. But once up it was brilliant, I just sat and looked pretty and smiled. Great gig. Then of coarse I did some fire accompanied by Ash the drummer, we did a short show with drums, trumpets and really got the audience going, he's great for that.
So much fun.
Photos of headdresses will be up shortly. I hope. x

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