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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Studio 54 - Die Freche Muse


I was asked to perform at Die Freche Muse and thier Studio 54 party.
It was great fun! I put a large canvas on the floor and then proceeded to cover myself in different coloured paint and made lots of patterns.
I was originally going to fill balloons with paint and pop them on myself, but with the rather lovely interior of Adams Street, plus the fact I exploded a green paint balloon one all over myself and Banbury Cross, I thought that it would may have been a little messy.
I danced to something more contemporary (for me) My Gruff remixed White Rabbit with some Dub Step, NOT something I would normally do, but I really enjoyed doing it and i'm really glad that I had the oppertunity do to so.

I had a lot of fun doing my hair and make up in a 60s style.

Images by Sin Bozkirk, A very lovely man

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