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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

British Burlesque in New York!

La Bordello Boheme 
were invited to do a show in New York at Roy Arias Theatres in Time Square! So Veronica Blacklace, myself and the incredible ChiChi Revolver, set sale west and boy oh boy did we have some fun...

The shows were great too,
We had Tiny D all the way from Brooklyn
Rosie Kohl half Brit, half New yorker
and Calamity Gin, she's as British as the Queen!!

We stayed in a really cool apartment that had black walls and an industrial feel, it also had some cockroaches, but apparently that's New York and they're everywhere.

We had some amazing nights, we went to a hip hop MC battle...

We saw the statue of liberty

I also went to see my Gruff in Florida

It was hot!

We did so much and did 8 shows in total, spent lots of nights in the BOX where we were treated very well, lot's of Champagne and the shows were, eh hem, a little more risque than myself, but very entertaining, I look forward to seeing the London one next week. 

There are loads of pictures on Facebook as well if you look on there.

I miss you New York! 

I think Vegas will be next

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