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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Vienna - Cirque Rouge

This was a delightful trip! I had such a lovely time over in Austria with Cirque Rouge.
The show was in the Volks Theatre. Which was a beautiful and incredible place, we were in the smaller theatre which was nice, but the the big grand one, uh it was amazing!!

The show consisted of some fantastic performers. Tamara Mascara was an absolutely gorgeous drag queen, her curves, make up and shaded boobies, she was brilliant, and her costumes were unbelievable big. Veuve Noir did two acts, one with horns as well, but she did a kind of dark and slightly giesha inspired act and they were all very sultry, beautiful colours.
And of course there was Lou Lou D'vil who was gorgeous and divine as usual, we both ate way too much before the show, so had huge food bellies. Sexy!!
And Armitage Shanks, he was brilliantly dry witty and gruffly, looking forward to performing again this weekend in Milan with him.
Winter wonderland.

I am so grateful to all the helpers who sat and wafted my parachute during the act, I love that moment behind the curtain before this act starts, everyone sitting, quitely waiting for them to open. They all did a great job.

The Humming Bird.

Teeth a FeatherS!

Thank you Antonia, you were a great host for us, and it was a pleasure to meet you! xxx

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