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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Torture Garden Halloween Ball

What a show! I love doing TG as it means you can do something a little out of the ordinary!
  I did my big parachute act, and this time, I bought my chums! I had Chichi and her husband Sam, Veronica Blacklace and her sister Anna help me, they wafted it (to perfection) and chichi and Veronica got under it to create erotic shadows and projections.

We went in early in the day and spent a while rigging up lights and getting it just right. It worked quite well. Atleast I hope it did.

Here is a video. I managed to get the lovely Mr Pustra to hold the camera for me, but it was a little crowded so he had to stand pretty much on the stage with me, but it give a good indication of the effect we were going for...

Mr Pustra and Vicky Butterfly also performed, Pustra wore this epic headdress and did an act about decadence, gluttony and it was so darn sexy. He had Vicky walk on with him too and cover him in grapes. Very moody and hypnotic.
Vicky performed an act about cocaine, filling little balloons with talc she then stabbed them creating a big explosion of white powder. Her mask that she used was really effective. Found both acts really inspiring.
And of course Benjamin Louche was there! I really think he is one of the best comperes, his strange use of a mega phone is so perfect for his Lynchian character. Rose was also there, his wife to be!!

Thank you to Chichi, Veronica,  Sam and Anna for all your help xxxx

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