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Wednesday, 29 August 2012


I was invited to perform at The Queen Calavara in Hamburg's St Pauli area. It's a crazy west street, Red light district part of Hamburg I had no idea existed. Fully legal sex workers, sex shows and all the strange and kinky play things right in it's own little world.

I found it a lot like Brighton, mid week it was quieter and felt like it was a 'community' but at the peak days on the weekend, it was carnage, drunk stag do's and hen parties, shouting blokes, but when Sunday morning came again, the street cleaner was out and it was as if nothing had ever happened...

Well my shows were at the Queen on the Thurs, Fri and Sat nights. My first night was on my lonesome, which was quite hard as I had to try and keep an audience by myself (which apparently was busier than normal Thurs) I took over my Humming Bird, Zeigfeld Carnie and Forgotten Ballerina, I reaaally wish I had bough The lonely Goatherder as I think the Germans would have loved it!
But the second night I worked with Erochica Bamboo, Japanese born burlesque icon, who now lives in Berlin, she was icredible, I loved working with her, her energy and her passion for the stage, her costumes and Burlesque was really admirable. She was a winner of Miss Exotic world when it was still a small competition for die hard fans, I loved it as she said when she won, due to her lack of English at the time, she didn't even know.
We had a really nice time backstage and it was very fun working with her.

On the Saturday we then did 2 shows, one in a salon run by the most stunning transgender I have ever met, her Salon was a place renowned for hair colourings and we changed in the room with all the dyes, literally every colour under the sun. We did a little number and it then headed over to the Queen for the rest of the night, we were joined by Leo Lilly, a German based performer, truly a blonde Sex bomb, wow.

Live shot by Carlos Kella
I was hosted all weekend by one of the sweetest men I have met in Burlesque, Sven, he was a true fan of Burlesque and all that comes with it, he took me around all the spots of Hamburg (which he must do every weekend) and he really looked after me and Erochica. He's not a sleazy or pervy guy in any way and I would really recommend going out to Hamburg and working for the Queen Calavara as the team of people behind it are lovely.

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