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Monday, 22 November 2010

Volupte - The swinging Burlesque Boudior

What a great night, four shows in one night was quite hard work but the crowd were great and so was the lovely Missy Fatale, Ruby Deshabelle and Christian Lee, also the seductive and very lovely Whiskey the stage Kitten.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Tigz Rice, a very talented photographer who got some brilliant shots of the night, also informed me that at London Burlesque week I had been the culprit of the glitter stuck in her lens. Sorry Tigz it really does get everywhere!!

Signing the wall of names was a great as all the ladies I know and have worked with and hope to work with soon were up there, my little Billie Rae i'm sure will go un noticed asside the lipstick kisses and foot high signatures.

It got a good revue on
Billie Rae aptly extended the vintage theme adding a touch of sideshow nostalgia with a provocative flaming baton dance, displaying an impressive command of the element – the Brighton belle deftly puts it out and lights it up again, rubs it all over her body and breathes repeated fireballs over a mesmerized audience.

I say...why thank you!

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