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Tuesday, 4 December 2012


I performed at Die Freches Muse's Factory Party on Friday.

It was in the middle of nowhere and had I not have seen Trixy Malicious on her way there I would have been royally lost. 
But because of it's strange positioning and back end feel, it had a pretty good Factory Party feel, very hedonistic and bohemian. 
The guests of the party had made such a huge effort and all looked like little Edie Sedgwicks and beatniks.

I performed an act inspired by Heroin, I had my silver isis wings and long hair extensions and tried to get a kind of free love, hippy chic look.
I walked on with a cigarette hidden behind my wings to look like I was chasing the dragon.
I then went into some fire with it.
It was good fun, I love doing acts that are specific to a show, it makes me try things I wouldn't normally do.

60s make up and a  BIG CHIN?

Trixy Malicious performed a UV body paint, she looked gorgeous covered in amazing UV colours, I sprayed her nudey body. The audience loved it.

Fancy Chance also performed a Heroin inspired act, but it was very different to mine, she covered herself and a range of different sized inflatable bananas in tin foil, and proceeded to unravel them to a strange mix of velvet underground, elvis ranting and a projection of Andy Warhol eating a beef burger.
It was amazing.

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