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Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Swing Ninjas Album launch

I had the pleasure of being invited to dance for The Swing Ninjas at their album launch party, three very talented and handsome chaps from Brighton.

Tplayed 'trust in me' (from the jungle book) but a very slow and sexy version, however there was no rehearsal, so it was all improvised. Which I will admit was brilliant! I loved it.

I performed with me fans and then finished it with fire, the Mesmerist is a great place to perform as the crowd are so involved, a lot are part of the swing collective down here so go mental and throw each other about. I love the Mesmerist, for those who don't know it, you have to come by one night and play. I can be found there on occasion as part of the Saturday Night at The Mesmerist show, which is always good fun.

Check out some pictures taken by the lovely Ben Holden.

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