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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Barcelona - Taboo

I had the pleasure of flying over to Barcelona to be apart of the show Taboo, which is held in a beautiful venue, it's a proper old Music Hall style stage and it looked amazing!

I flew over with lovely Kitty Bang Bang and one of my favourite Burlesque ladies Fifi Fatale,

The show was a lot of fun and a very slick and efficient team of people working on it, plus a great band. It was a Thurs and I wasn't sure how the turn out would be, but it was rammed and the people there were very responsive and friendly.

I was booked to do my Ziegfeld carnie and my Bordello Queen, two routines I wouldn't normally combine as they are quite similar in costumes, white feathers, silvers and diamonds. But I took them anyway, it made me laugh in the dressing room as Fifi and I had pretty much the same costume on at one point and we even shared jewellery, (very different syled acts tho) Fifi has such long legs and is so elegant on stage, like a graceful swan, she's a little more 40s as well and very classical.
Kitty Bang Bang was there too, she performed a Rule Brittania style routine and her pussy cat, we had to try and find a bin in Barcelona she would fit in, she managed to find one in the end.

Barcelona was lovely and I would very much like to go back there soon and explore it fully, the architecture looked incredible. SO I think a long weekend there is needed, sitting on the beach and sipping cocktails, yes please.


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