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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Dubai adventures

My time is Dubai was very hard and very strange, I was unable to ever feel at home there, and with the demise of my relationship with my ex, I felt England wasn't an option to return to, so I through myself into my work and truly ran away with the circus...

Here is a tiny collection of photos from the adventure I had there, 12 months of my life I spent in the UAE and honestly, luckily our family of performers and artists were as close as we were, as that city is hard work. These are friends and connections you will make for life! xx

The hardest weekend I think many of us have had to work, but we did it and kept smiling

I was featured in Sorbet magazine alongside Dita Von Teese's 'Confessions of a Showgirl'

Me and one of my best friends Ashish, VIP dinner guests at Cavalli

Never Forget the Confetti Cunts!

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