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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Rome Burlesque Festival

This was such a pleasure, I really really enjoyed my time in Rome, I met some FANTASTIC ladies and gents.
I met and performed with the lovely Luna Rosa. Exotic and amazing lady with a fez!
Dixie Ramone. Italian beauty of whom I have a real soft spot.
Julie Atlas Muz. She is a lot of fun, a great person to be around and an insane performer.
Benoit and his band, these guys are a fantastic bunch, we had so much fun in the changing room playing music, dancing, drinking and laughing. It was an amazing atmosphere in there.
Then there was the lovely Suri Sumatra, I lover her, so beautiful and lovely. :)
All of the team and cast and crew were utterly amazing and sooo nice.

Viva la Roma!!

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