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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Louis Vuitton - CHINA!!

Unfortunately there are no pictures to show from this yet...well there are one or two of my Hotel room but that isn't very interesting.

Within 4 days of finding out about the show in China I was there, it was quite literally unbelievable and I still feel as tho I dreamt the whole thing?

Having a mad rush to get visas was a bit hectic but it all worked out in the end and by the time in knew it I was on a plane from Heathrow...destination China!

It was very hard to sleep on the plane as there was a screaming baby and it was very squished and I haven't done a long haul flight since 2008 when I went to Japan, so it was all a bit hard work. Then there was an 8 hour wait in Beijing Airport for the connecting flight, that was a killer... I was one of those people with all my luggage around me sleeping.
...Just to top it off too, the taxi connection between the airport and hotel got a flat tyre. I thought we were about to get murdered in the middle of China, but nope just a puncture which we ended up helping them change it. Great.

The Louis Vuitton store was in the lobby of the 5star hotel (I had the pleasure of staying in for 2 nights, yesss ) which was absolutely brilliant!

After a long and well deserved nap I ate most of the buffet breakfast, I was particularly hungry.

The opening of the store was a bit mental, lots of dragon dancing, clapping and talking in chinese, also there were some Chinese celebs who were being mobbed by fans. I had people taking there picture with me too, I thought that was funny.
There was a very strange group of ladies all wearing yellow...don't know what that was about. Hardly anyone in China speaks English,  I speak no Chinese so communication was limited.
Anyways, after a couple of hours of very good looking people and a very well received set, the guys from Louis Vuitton seemed very pleased and I was done.
I ate most the buffet dinner and then hit the bar.

A huge bout of possibly post show jitters, pre flight nerves and jet lag meant that I woke up at 2am and did not get back to sleep, instead I watched hours of mind numbing Fashion TV and had a bath...roll on morning. Ate all of the breakfast buffet and went to the airport.
Homeward bound. In a sleep deprived haze I found everything hilarious and was moronic for most of the customs checks. They found not 1 but 4 bottles of water in my bag (no wonder it was so heavy) and then I beeped every time I walked through. Please let me me sleep now.

I listened to mainly Stephen Fry and David Attenborough on the plane and they helped me sleep a couple of hours, but by the time I reached home and saw my Gruff I had been up more than 30hours and made no sense, so like a child I was put to bed and told to go to sleep.

It was a whirl wind adventure and definitely something I would love to do again, lack of sleep was a small part and the whole thing was a great experience.


Louis Vuitton china did not give out goodie bags.


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