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Friday, 7 January 2011


I was lucky enough to be invited to perform in Milan with Voodoo De Luxe at the Royal Burlesque Revue, it was the first time I have ever been to Italy and I loved it!

Having never been on a plane on my own before the whole thing was slightly daunting, then to get on a plane and told it had faults and then get off again and change to a different plane, filled me with a lot of confidence in the flight. But panic attack over and an hour and a half later (2hours late) I was in Milan and greeted by the lovely Lady Flo and Ivan. Lady Flo is the Mc for the night and Ivan the Pimp is a rather fantastic DJ.

Once getting to the venue i see that the stage is huge, giant red curtains and a full swing band set up. I know already that I will enjoy performing on it, and I really did.
I was performing alongside Dolly Lamour and Janet Fischietto, two ladies who are quite possibly the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
The show went with a bang and I performed 3 routines, Bordello Queen, Forgotten Ballerina and a festive Winter Hinterland. The audience seemed to really enjoy it and I got a great response from all.
Hopefully will be back in Milan early 2011 with the Voodoo De Luxe gang again, they are a real pleasure and so well dressed! Bellissimo!! - Link to a snippet of the show

Vicky Nesso

Agnes Weber

Agnes Weber

The Lovely Lady Flo giving me a Light
Sergione Infuso

Sergione Infuso

Sergione Infuso
Valentina Lulu

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